Weekend Updates

Wednesday, February 7 2018



We have made some changes for this upcoming weekend. Note that all individuals not competing will have practice Friday (it will be 53 degrees). There is no Saturday practice but as mentioned in the team meeting we will have a number of you volunteering. Tyree Allen will be the lead with the following supporting: Alex Ruocco, Andrew Gardewine, Caden Owens, Kiara Chapman, Aron Durant, Erin Laubscher, Megan Molinari, Najee Sylvester (I have a boot for you), Eric Imel, Kevin Witcik, Darion Simmons, Cydney Collins. Anyone else available and willing not mentioned are welcome. Details to follow, please let Inyart or Mendez know if you can drive. Anyone who can't come mentioned will need to find a replacement.

Final Travel Roster for Pitt State University

Men (6):

Darren Arzu – 60m Hurdles (ranked 7th, top 16
qualify to prelims)

Tyler Johnson – DMR 400m leg (ranked 13th), 400m Unseeded
(ranked 59th), 4x400m relay (ranked 27th)

Ryan Krause – DMR 800m leg (ranked 13th), 800m
Unseeded (ranked 39th), 4x400m relay (ranked 27th)

Tyler Manion – 3,000m Unseeded (ranked 12th)

Joe Shannon – DMR 1600m leg (ranked 13th), Mile Unseeded
(ranked 22nd)

Trevor White – DMR 1,200m leg (ranked 13th), 800m
Unseeded (ranked 31st)

Women (10):

Peyton Ali – 5,000m (ranked 47th), 3,000m Unseeded
(ranked 28th)

Melissa Calcara – 60m hurdles (ranked 14th, top
16 qualify to prelims)

Kaylee Fann – DMR 800m leg (ranked 9th), 800m
SEEDED, 4x400m relay (ranked 7th)

Jordyn Looman – DMR 400m leg (ranked 9th), 400m
Unseeded (ranked 7th), 4x400m relay (ranked 7th)

Tsitsi Mahachi – 4x400m relay (ranked 7th)

Rebecca McKee – 60m Dash (ranked 40th, top 16 qualify
to prelims), Triple Jump (ranked 22nd. Minimum mark is 10.40m)

Quincy McSweeney – DMR 1600m leg (ranked 9th),
4x400m relay (ranked 7th)

Tatiana Nieves – 200m (ranked 50th), 400m (ranked 16th)

Alex Singleton – DMR 1,600m leg (ranked 9th), Mile
Unseeded (ranked 15th)

Mya Watson-Blake – 60m (ranked 54th, top 16
qualify to prelims), HJ Open (ranked 14th)

Support Staff (4):

Reagan Beal, Hannah Inyart, Nikki Dentzman, Michael Mendez


TBD: DeMontez McCray

Departing Thursday, February 9th
following the ring ceremony.

Planned Travel Roster for UINDY

Men (9):

Chase Hagene (Weight Throw)

Coree Harrell (Long Jump, Triple Jump)

Kyle Hostetter (Weight Throw)

Zach Llewellyn (Weight Throw)

Tyler Traub (60m, Long Jump)

Jacob Troutman (Long Jump, Triple Jump)

Harry Uyehara (Weight Throw)

Lafayette Waters (Long Jump, Triple Jump)

Monte Wolke (Pole Vault)

Women (6):

Mollie Bowman (60m, Long Jump, 400m)

Emily Harper (Weight Throw)

Christina Hill (Weight Throw)

Shelby Mourey (High Jump)

A’ja Nauden (60m Dash)

Julia Sangster (60mh)

Support Staff (2):

Krystin Baker, Jared Harkness

TBD: Cory Berberich

Departing Saturday, February 10th at 5:30am in 1-15 passenger van and 1-7 passenger van